Frequently Asked Questions – Houston Apartment Locator

Apartment Locator Cost

Q: How much will Clutch City Realty’s apartment locating services cost me?

A: Nothing, we provide a free service.

Apartment Locator Compensation

Q: How does Clutch City Realty get compensated for their time?

A: We are paid a small marketing fee by apartment complexes and listing brokers if you sign a lease with them. That is why it is important for us to only send you housing leads which we feel are a great match for you so no one’s time is wasted.

Apartment Locator Listing on Guest Card

Q: How do I make sure Clutch City Realty is compensated by the apartment complex or listing broker?

A: Please make sure to list Clutch City Realty on the guest card you sign with an apartment complex or listing broker, let them know that Clutch City Realty sent you, and also list us on the lease as your broker.

Apartment Locator Lease Referral

Q: What if I forget to list Clutch City Realty on a guest card or lease?

A: If you have not signed a lease, it may not be too late to tell the complex or broker that Clutch City Realty was your real estate agent. However, if you have already signed the lease it is likely too late for us to be compensated. This is why it is very important to make sure you list Clutch City Realty on all documents.

Apartment Locating Criteria

Q: What type of criteria should I list to let Clutch City Realty know what I am looking for in a house or apartment?

A: Price range, location, number of bedrooms, pets, and other special needs you have.